The Twenty Seventeen theme dissected Part 1

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Suppose it's 2016. The Twenty Seventeen Wordpress theme yet doesn't excist. Supposse we were given the assignment to build the Twenty Seventeen theme from scratch. Step by step. How would we do that? In this tutorial we'll simulate the proces. In the mean time learning about all the essentials steps of Wordpress theme design, which you could later use as a roadmap for building your own theme.

Wordpress says: "The default Twenty themes are some of the best examples of good theme development."

That's why it is a good idea to use the twentyseventeen theme as an example in building up our new themes from scratch. (Another possibiliy, by the way, is to use the underscores (_s) startertheme)

The Twenty Seventeen theme is also suitable as a parent theme for making chlid themes. Why:

  1. First of all, they're no themes available for WordPress that have gone through more code review than these themes
  2. Second, they use the latest features that are available for WordPress, so they have all the cool features builtin already and they are easy to hook into.
  3. And third, all of these themes were specifically built to make it easy to create child themes.
  4. It is frequently update, which is an absolute requirement for a parent theme

So, there are many reasons to (learn to) understand the ins and outs of the most recent default theme that ships with Wordpress: Twenty Seventeen.


WordPress Plugin Development Essentials

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